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Meet Josie & Rick

Titanium Storage is owned and operated by team Josie Martin and Ricky Moses, longtime residents of the Yukon. Josie and Ricky appreciate the storage needs of not only locals but also new residents, business operators, and visitors. For example, the couple has worked with world-renowned guiding, exploration, and education organizations.

Their experience facilitating storage and moving ranges from facilitating the needs of doctors, entrepreneurs, single parents, new homeowners to retirees, charities, and sports organizations.
Client journeys are vast and rich with stories. Not only do Ricky and Josie, take the time to understand client needs, they act to provide the best possible solutions. As such, Titanium Storage is highly recommended as Whitehorse’s most value-added, welcoming, and convenient storage facility.

In their pursuit to fulfill the ever-increasing demand of customer requests, needs, and desires every day, Josie and Ricky have hired an amazing team of managers. In 2022, the current primary development goal of Titanium Storage was to hire a full-time office person once Phase 3 development was complete. Now Titanium Storage has reached that goal and Josie and Ricky are proud to introduce their new partners, Julie, Sherin, and Anmol.


Josie and Ricky discovered the demand for accessible downtown storage from a journey of their own storage needs when moving to combine households. This need included storage of tools, outdoor gear, the histories of older children, business documents, and other significant belongings. These items needed to be accessible, but there was no room in the new home space, and convenient storage was not an offering to be found. This lack of option sparked the idea to build a convenient storage park; however, once the plan was in motion, the project was not so simple after all. Though, the combined tenacious research showing viability and a joint venture arrangement providing access to capital enabled the development of Whitehorse’s first downtown storage park. Phase one, out of a three-phase development plan, was completed in November 2011 with the offering of 120 units for lease.

The feverish building season was rigorous, as it always is in the Yukon, and managing the construction of the six stage-one storage buildings was no different.

Finally, Titanium Storage opened for operation on a cold grey day in November 2011 with an occupancy rate of one for the first month. Josie and Ricky remember the feeling that doom was sure to follow. However, slowly but surely, as awareness of the new storage facility grew, occupancy rates steadily climbed, reaching an occupancy rate of 90% only four months later in March 2011. Titanium Storage has been operating at capacity ever since!

In 2014, Josie and Ricky were proud to say they purchased their joint venture partner’s shares to become sole owners of Titanium Storage. Now, continuing to look for growth opportunities, the owners, again, after the same feverish pattern of seasonal construction, completed Phase 2. This expansion, consisting of an additional 60 storage units, is complete and operating at capacity. Now in 2019, and with the same urgency of activity, Phase 3 consisting of 247 units is almost complete.


Titanium Storage has become Whitehorse’s most convenient and accessible storage facility. Various locker sizes are available for monthly lease with 24-hour access and no obligation for pre-payment, move-in, or move out dates. Titanium Storage also provides short and long term outdoor parking solutions with again 24-hour access. The security of access privileges is monitored by a virtual computer interface and cameras, allowing customers to feel comfortable accessing their spaces anytime day or night!

Welcome to Titanium Storage!